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registered holland lops for sale $400. Please read my sales policy page before inquiring about a bunny. Location. In 2011 we bought our first pair of New Zealand bunnies and fell in love! Holland Lops for Sale. V. Located in McNabb, Illinois. DEPOSIT-$50% non-refundable deposit has been made. $100 Oli: Born 06/27/2018. Holland Lops are a friendly breed of rabbits; the more they are handled, the friendlier they become. Pets and Animals Evansville 30 $. She produces wonderful babies, and she is a great mom once she kindles, but it has been difficult to get her to the point of producing babies. Date (newest first) Relevance Price (lowest first) Price (highest first) View pictures. White, black, black and white, and brown and white are so. Specializing in: Sable Point, Tort, and Black Holland Lops. Typically 2-3 max. They are popular house pets, and are very popular and competitive for show. Little Pet Palace is a well-known rabbitry in North Dallas area, focused on raising the perfect indoor holland lop rabbits. They ar. -We're members of the American Rabbit Breeder's Association (ARBA) ARBA Registered Rabbitry Number: D4256. weigh 3-4lbs blue tort, seal point , sable,chocolate, otter,black, BEW (blue eyed white). Holland Lop Bunny VIP Deposit for 2021 litters. Cute, tiny rabbits available in San Francisco Bay Area, Netherland Dwarfs for sale in many colors. ~5th SJB at Day After Nationals Specialty 2019. We sell in South Florida and other adjacent areas with the help of transport. Brood quality due to slightly overweight for show and an undescended testicle. Energetic and loving little bunny. Size: Holland Lop is a dwarf rabbit, which means it should weigh about 4 lbs. At Holland Hops we aim to raise rare colored, well socialized, quality Holland Lops that make the perfect pet. As a member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club, I raise high quality Holland Lop rabbits for show or pets. 1 Zullinger holland lop rabbits. member: loricharlie1969. A Holland Lop's coat . Therefore, we only allow a limited amount of litters per bun per year. From time to time I may have brood or show not listed yet that I am considering, so feel free to ask. Otherwise nothing is available at the time. Holland lops are our favorite breed of rabbits, and great pets for a family. AmericanListed features safe and local classifieds for everything you need! FOR SALE. All of my bunnies are very important to me and receive the best care. member for: 3 years. We are now exclusively breeding Holland Lops. Holland Lops did not originate in their present form in nature. *All of our Holland Lops are fully pedigreed * We accept a non-refundable deposit (and occasionally full payment ahead of time depending on each situation) to hold the bunny of your choice. $75. All 8 entries placed from 1st to 3rd. Ready to go home with you in a couple of weeks. ~Best in Specialty Show at Auburn 3/19. However, if you are planning to breed it or show it, a show-quality Holland Lops for sale can sell from anywhere between $100 to $450, depending on the pedigree and quality. Lilac Buck #1. FOR SALE. Best of Variety ARBA Convention 2010, 2011, 2012. Holland Lops have been a part of my family since I was a child and I am happy to be sharing the same wonderful experiences I had with them with my own children. My rabbits are friendly, social, and inquisitive and pass these great character traits to their babies. If you are interested in any of these . We have been raising Holland Lops since 1992. Phone: We also have Lion Lops and Lion Heads. Founded in Orlando, Florida in 2019, sunshinelops. You will find those on the for sale page, or you can contact . Pick up in Friendswood Texas Houston Texas Netherland Dwarf Holland Lop Lion Head. To reserve a bunny we require a $50. View more. to individuals and families looking to adopt a quality Holland Lop or Netherland Dwarf rabbit. We have been involved with raising rabbits since 2012, when what started out as an accidental rabbit pregnancy turned into a fulfilling and life-changing experience. Holland Lop Rabbits which are the smallest breed of lops. The White Eared Gene is a newly discovered gene in rabbits originally found in Germany and the UK just a few years ago. I mainly focus on blacks, blues, torts, and some otter patterns of these colors. Any rabbits for sale will be posted in the Facebook album links below. Holland Lop Show and Pet Rabbit Breeders IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HOLLAND LOPS FOR SALE, PLEASE VISIT OUR UP-TO-DATE RABBIT DIRECTORY . ~2nd SJB at Holland Lop Nationals 2019. Please contact me for currently available bunnies. Favorite Links. June 14, 2021. The Holland Lop and Lion Lop Specialists A Reputable Breeder Registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the New Jersey Breeders Association. $50 (gsp > Wellford ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Breed: Holland Lop Sire: n/a Dam: n/a Birth Year: 2017 Pedigree Status and Price: No pedigree; $80 Upon reviewing our records, we have decided that Elsa would be better in a pet home. TLS's Booger was Best of Breed ARBA Convention 2010 and Best of Group. Dickinson, ND. Very small solid senior chestnut buck. Colors don't come easy, so it takes work, dedication and effort to make really nice ones. Welcome to Peachy Buns' Rabbitry! We are so glad that you stopped by! We are a small rabbitry located in Kingston, GA, just north of Atlanta, GA, where we raise quality Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs. Holland Lops. Currently we do not have any Holland Lops that are for sale . Holland Lops are the smallest of the Lop type rabbit. 1 Johnstown holland lop rabbits. $50 each. 2018 Netherland Dwarf Nationals : BOB Chestnut SR Doe 2018 ARBA Convention: Netherland Dwarfs BOV Otter SR Buck, 4th Otter SR Buck. $150. S. * Visitors are welcome to our farm after arrangements are made with us. A Holland Lops price can vary based upon pedigree, linage, and completed medical procedures such as fertility alternations and vaccinations. Holland lop rabbits are very social animals and make excellent pets. French Lops – We have young Jrs. With their compact size of 2-4 lbs, adorable features, and sweet temperament, it's no surprise the Holland Lop has become one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the world today. We are also working hard to produce quality meat pens with our commercial breeds. We raise pedigreed Holland Lop and Florida White rabbits in Eugene, Oregon. 1 Becks holland lop rabbits. We breed and hand-raise Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. You can use “CTRL + F” to search for a prefix, state, rabbitry, or breeder to find out the rest of breeder’s information. Our Holland Lop babies are raised in our home. We allow folks to come Monday - Saturday. available for sale from: KK’s Lil Angel’s Johnny (Lop Rabbit Club of America Youth French Lop -Top Lop #7) X Wilson’s Riny. The Holland Lop is a breed of rabbit originating in the Netherlands. I am breeding purebred pedigreed Holland Lops. Wins: ~9th Open SSB at ARBA Convention 2019. I have been raising rabbits now for about 12 years, and love it. ~BOB at West Coast Classic 2019. We are located in Del Rio TN, and striving to raise quality Blue Eyed White (BEW) Holland Lops, and we are also working on another separate color project as well- chocolate Holland Lops. Buck. Holland Lops are known to be a very sweet and are very enjoyable to have. We are blessed to live here in the Pacific Northwest! We currently have an acre of land where we raise Holland lop and mini plush lop bunnies, bees, and chickens. Ashford, WV, USA; Recent Ads . Bunnies For Sale | Harnack Holland Lops. KK’s Lil Angel’s Johnny X Cody’s Willow (daughter to Eden’s Emmylou 13J2 – Lop . If you want to buy a Holland Lop rabbit and keep it as a pet, the price of a Holland Lop can range from anywhere between $35 to $120. Looking to find good quality bunnies for sale in Silver-Spring, Maryland? Contact the Seller of these Maryland Holland Lop Rabbits You might just be in luck because at my Maryland Holland Lop . Please fill out your email in accordance with the below requested. Find Holland Lops for sale near you or sell to local buyers. 65 $. In addition, the playful and enduring . Holland Lop "Dwarf" Baby Bunnies for sale! We are a very small rabbitry in Tampa Florida. When they are full grown they will weight between 2-4 pounds. All our bunnies can come with a pedigree for an additional $25. Prices are $100 + Thornhollow Farm located on the Idaho Palouse. The Holland Lop is a dwarf rabbit, having Netherland Dwarfs as part of their original make up. Cutie Patootie. 8. The rabbitry is registered with both the ARBA and the TRBA. Our Products. (262) 490-1524. Find Pets for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Their great personality and small size makes them easier to handle. They are also known for their sweet temperament and non-aggressive . Located in Snohomish County, Washington State. All of our bunnies are pure bred Registered Holland Lops. Show, Brood & Pet Quality Holland Lops & Mini Rexes Holland Lop Rabbits. I have a few holland lops looking for homes. Netherland Dwarfs for Sale in Illinois. Holland Lop waiting list is FULL for August babies, so it's always best to give us at least an 8-12 week advanced notice of your bunny request. Etsy Shop. *He is red stamp registered eligible. If you would like to reserve any of these bunnies please fill out the form on the contact page and let us know the # of the bunny you would like to reserve. View pictures. Most of our Holland Lops come from Honeycreek Holland’s and Stonehill Holland lines. 8 to 10 weeks Immediately available. At Holland Farm Retrievers, we take great pride in producing some of the best puppies in the midwest. Netherland Dwarfs. Please click on each picture for details and descriptions on each bunny, there are also additional pictures once you click on the bunny that pulls your heart strings. Cool color for a project to work on. Because of this, my rabbits make terrific pets . All of our buns come with lifetime support. Holland Lop bunny rabbits BABIES!!! - $50. View our Bunnies for Sale in CT page to see which adorable little bunnies are looking for their forever homes. Your application must also be complete to proceed in adoption. com Holland Lop Netcong, New Jersey, United States I have a lot of Holland lop rabbits for sale. All of my bunnies come with a baggie of feed and a birth certificate. This deposit is to hold a holland lop bunny. WE ARE a small family-run rabbitry conveniently located approximately half-way between Dallas and Austin. Spread Love. 00. This means our rabbits are usually pedigreed, registered and selected to conform as best possible to ARBA breed standards. I am also an ARBA licensed rabbit registrar, and am working toward obtaining my judge's license in the future. Holland Lops are a mid-sized rabbit and to be eligible for show, both bucks and does may not exceed 4 po Meet The Parents. Holland Lops: 3rd SJB, 5th BJD, 7th BSB, 10th SSB Striving for Excellence. LSB's L. They have wonderful personalities and are very energetic and fun to watch play with and hold. Our bunnies are handled from day one and are very socialized. TEXAS HOLLAND LOPS. 3 Manchester holland lop rabbits. Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarf rabbits for sale in CT. This is where we list all our bunnies for sale. HOLLAND LOP Charlie. I describe them to be very cute with long adorable floppy ears hanging down the sides of their face. Have confidence that your bun is in the hands of a premier rabbit breeder in CT. 815-993-4320. Roscoe-black VM 6 months, nice boy, experienced rabbit owner only $200. They are sweet and very affectionate. We are a medium sized rabbitry near Indianapolis. are a dwarf size breed weighing about 3-4 lbs. Browse search results for holland lop rabbits for sale in Virginia Beach, VA. $40. I used to raise larger breed rabbits but I have found that Holland Lops, Netherland Dwarfs and Dutch rabbits make wonderful pets. 00 deposit which goes towards the final price. I am selling two 6-month-old bunnies (Luly and Loly), if you bring them both together we will give them to you with a cage included. 254-716-4588. Get a top quality registered Holland Lop from a great Holland Lop Rabitry in TX. 22 Holland Lop Bunny Rabbits near Alabama-City, Alabama. Her first litter turned out so nice that I kept her Black Tort buck (affectionately named "Peter Rabbit. Articles. I am active with 4H in Island County. Razz is a very beautiful, purebred, registered Arabian . Holland Lops for Sale in Michigan. Martin is dual registered. They’re 3 months. Emerald Tree Rabbitry. BREEDING SINCE 1988. For Sale. Swans for sale in Illinois. 2 Holland Lops Fayetteville NC. Alma is pedigreed and comes from show lines. Taking deposits now. This gene was just recently imported to the US and is very rare in dwarf breeds with only a small number of breeders working toward the holland standard. We have an adorable new litter of Holland Lops. Cities. AKC REGISTERED GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR SALE. They are housed in our living room right in the center of the action so they get used to all the sounds of the household such as the television, vacuum cleaner and human voices. Linda fell in love with them, and they are the only breed she has raised since 1995. 10 week old pedigree holland lops, two does and a bew buck. O. $85 Fayetteville, North Carolina Holland Lop Rabbits. You are able to outright deposit on your bunny through here, OR pay for the whole cost up front, and then pick up your rabbit when it/they are ready. Holland Lop-Eared Rabbit is docile and gentle and makes a good pet for children and families, as they are one of the easier breeds to hold and care for. Holland Lops 4 Sale Phone: Claudette 909-241-2004 or Michael 951-529-4752 (call or txt) Email: HollywoodRabbits@gmail. Holland Lops are a mid-sized rabbit and to be eligible for show, both bucks and does may not exceed 4 po Take a look at our new litters (listed on the news, nursery tab & baby bunnies for sale tabs) and see our little hopping Lops. Opal, Lynx, and White Rex. 28 Holland Lop Rabbits for Sale Silver-Spring, MD. About the Breeder. Thanks for visiting! If you're interested in future rabbits available for sale, enter you email address here and we will email you when we have more rabbits available. ~BOSB at Cal State Convention 2/19. Hoppity Loppity Rabbitry, based in Parkland, Fl, is a bunny breeder of purebred pedigreed Holland Lops aimed for show quality whether that is your purpose or just a wonderful pet. com was created to share our own experiences with our pet Holland Lop rabbits. At Seattle Holland Lops we strive for quality rather than quantity. Additionally, the Holland Lop bunny has shorter ears with lengths approximately 11-12 inches from tip to tip. Cage and water bottles as well. Sunshine Lops Rabbitry prides itself on breeding some of the finest quality bunnies for sale in Orlando and throughout the southeastern part of the U. Senior solid tort buck. These lovable bunnies are the smallest of the lop-eared rabbit breeds. 22 Holland Lop Bunny Rabbits for Sale Alabama-City, Alabama. We have a small herd to ensure every single rabbit gets the love and attention they deserve. Raising registered and commercial Boer goats, show quality Holland Lop rabbits and rare breed poultry including Cream Legbars, Silver Laced Orpingtons, Gold Laced Orpington and a few others. HOLD-Waiting for deposit. Our Florida Whites are also popular with meat pen exhibitors. Their appearance can be broken into two varieties: Solid (or . Peafowl for sale in Illinois. Fernwood Rabbitry - Home. The average cost for a pet Holland Lop rabbit is $40, though they can range in price from $20 to $400 or more. Black Otter Sr. SOLD-paid in full and is waiting to meet new parents. Reference Herd Current Bucks Current Does. Lots of Lops Rabbitry is registered with the American Rabbit Breeders Association, and I am a member of both ARBA and the Holland Lop Rabbit Specialty Club. My name is Michelle Servi. We sell 4H rabbits and pet bunnies as well. ) FOR SALE NEW HOLLAND 472 HAYBINE (THIS IS A 7 FOOT HAYBINE) (IF YOU HAVE A SMALL TRACTOR WITH NOT ALOT OF HORSE POWER. when fully grown. 00 Deposit. In all that time, we have bred, raised & shown several breeds, but have very quickly discovered that the French Lops & Holland Lops are our all time favorites! Kailey K's Holland Lops Rabbitry is located in the beautiful state of Colorado! We raise our rabbits to better the breed, and to meet the ARBA standard of perfection! We work with Otters in all varieties, BEWS, Torts and a few other color Varieties. Search results for "holland lop rabbits" for sale in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Email: Sugarhill_hollands@hotmail. The size of Holland lops varies. I should also note; we cannot guarantee future colors, genders, and exact timeline of availability. Open house Saturday. The absolute sweetest boy. 1 Harrisburg holland lop rabbits. To reserve a bunny we require a $ 50. They were accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders’ Association in 1979. Our Holland Lops are handled daily and socialized well by youth. Holland lop bunnies. They are the most popular of the lop-eared rabbits. History on the Holland Lop Rabbit: The history of Holland Lops began with Dutch breeder Adrian De Cock from Tilburg, Holland (Netherlands). I usually have my rabbits in the Island County Fair. One of the benefits of this breed is . Welcome to Texas Holland Lops! . " See above). The breed was recognized by the Netherlands' Governing Rabbit Council in 1964 and the American Rabbit Breeders' Association in 1979. Holland Lops - Home of Delightful's Reggie 3 time Best in Show winner! English Lops - Home of Delightful's Tia 20 time Best in Show winner!!! Fuzzy Lops, Netherland Dwarf BEW, Rhinelanders & Lilacs in NJ Show & Pets for sale! NEW HOLLAND 472 HAYBINE - $2100 (FAIR GROVE MO. listing updated: a minute ago. See full list on thenaturetrail. AKPR 19646 and AKKPS 10060 Boris X Wilsons Gina. At our rabbitry we focus on the quality of life that our rabbits enjoy. Registered Breeders with the ARBA and . Please read the sales policy before inquiry. favorite this post Aug 24. Check us out! Striving for Excellence. Each bun we produce is very special to us and entails a serious life long commitment. Moore 'n' Moore Bunnies' "Bubbles" - Blue. 6 Pets and Animals. GO TO THE "AVAILABLE BUNNIES" TAB FOR UP TO DATE AVAILABILITY! Oconomowoc, WI 53066. 5 weeks old beautiful Holland lops ready to go. The average weight is between 3 to 4 pounds. 2017 Holland Lop Nationals: Best Display, 1st place SSB, 1st place SJD, 1st place BSD. Holland Lops average lifespan is 7+ years. Baby Holland Lop Bunnies. 28 Holland Lop Bunny Rabbits for Sale Silver-Spring, MD. Text Dianne at 281-455-3943 to reserve. Litter 1: Brownies Babies Brownie is one of our Chestnut or “Agouti” colored mamas, and her babies are super healthy with cute little round bellies! Holland Lops & Mini Lops We raise an assortment of colors in Holland Lops, Mini Lops specializing in; BEW (Blue Eyed White) and Tri Color we get a variety of other colors in our litters. Rabbits for sale in Illinois. Welcome to Hannah's Holland Lops! Hi, I'm Hannah and I raise pedigreed Holland Lops just south of Eugene, Oregon. Call us today! 254-230-8521 Welcome. Holland Lop Fort Lauderdale, United States. Holland Lop Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Our Rabbitry offers pet or show quality rabbits from Registered Grand. Bunnies Are Awesome! As a Grandmother of 6, I have found that teaching children to love and care for pets is a great way to teach them responsibility. 65 Photos. Posted on December 24, 2014 by daniellelib. Played with on a daily basis, and litter box training started. They all carry the dwarf jean; making their weight mature around 3-5 pounds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, apartments for rent, jobs listings, merchandise, and other classifieds in your neighborhood. #1 Top Lop 2009-2010. Once read, please check under Pets or Brood/Show for available rabbits. Best of Variety Holland Nationals 2009. Advertisement. . 1 Allentown holland lop rabbits. The bunnies usually sell before I have the oppertuity to post them to the site. Message Breeder. This is primarily Linda's project, and she welcomes questions and visitors to both the website and the farm. com. For Sale Holland Lops Bucks. 80 $. Beautiful coloring, small in size, and friendly! Contact us to get on the wait-list for our upcoming litters! By inquiring about any sale rabbits you have agreed to the terms and conditions of Rheaume’s Rabbitry sales. Thornhollow Farm located on the Idaho Palouse. They are handled often and become very social and friendly. They make excellent pets for small children and families. I will respond as soon as I am able. $110. from: Beverly Hills, Florida. We are located in Kent Washington which is about 25 minutes south of Seattle. We collectively raise and show French Lops, Holland Lops, Tans, Californians and American Chinchilla. He is the foundation of our Herd. Are you searching to find top quality bunnies for sale in Alabama-City, AL? Contact the Seller of these Alabama Holland Lop Rabbits You might be in luck because at my Alabama …. Diegel's D390 . Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Mini Lop and New Zealand rabbits for sale in Pendleton, IN. privacy is important. Garden & House Springfield 2,100 $. E Some Bunny Rabbitry, is a small home based rabbitry specializing in gentle and show-able Holland Lop rabbits that make excellent pets or excel at rabbit shows. ~Best in Specialty Show at Triple Crown 7/19. In the beginning, it was just Lola, then Max but our love and curiosity for rabbits overwhelmed our home and today we reside with our Holland Lops, numerous Netherland Dwarf rabbits, two Australian Sheppards, two cats and oh, our children too. $120 Evansville Precinct, Illinois Holland Lop Rabbits. (254) 315-9984. We are not a large breeder, we breed a couple litters a year and strive to keep improving the breed each and every litter. We begin litter box training. Litter 1: Brownies Babies Brownie is one of our Chestnut or “Agouti” colored mamas, and her babies are super healthy with cute little round bellies! Holland Lops For Sale, Los Angeles 1 to 20 of 20 results View By: baby holland lop bunnies, 1 days ago in Los Angeles, CA . Deposits are non-refundable, only transferable. ARBA Registered Rabbitry #D1785. They are each loved on, well cared for, and receive free time outside . 18 Holland Lop Rabbits located in Fort-Smith, AR. Holland Lops are classified as dwarf rabbits. Cutie Patootie Rabbitry is registered rabbitry located near Mayfair, Saskatchewan. They were bred in the 1960’s by combining Netherland Dwarfs, French Lops, and Mini Lops. Spread Joy. Holland Lop Bunny VIP Deposit! $50 + 2. Looking to find quality bunny rabbits for sale in Fort-Smith, Arkansas? Contact the Seller of these Arkansas Holland Lop Rabbits If so you are in luck because we currently raise nice Holland …. Cream & black Harlequin doe-marbled eyes- $250 Available now. Judo: Born 03/21/18. Search results for "baby holland lop rabbits" for sale in Bozeman, Montana Mini Lop Bunnies (Whitehall, MT) . Click here to see our Jersey Wooly Rabbits For Sale. Our rabbits are great for showing, pets, and 4-H. Holland Lops are the smallest of the lop breed averaging between 2-4 lbs fully grown. . Just fault him on a bit of a slipped crown. 3 Pittsburgh holland lop rabbits. DAM: Antonioini's Tally SIRE: 5carrots Acorn. A Holland lop rabbit can weigh as little as 2 pounds. I am selling two 6-month-old bunnies. 5 weeks old, beautiful Holland lops ready to go. I have been breeding them for 40 years!! I am located in Pardeeville, Wisconsin, which is about 30 miles north of Madison. All pets will be listed as they are available. They are the smallest lop eared rabbits. They come litter box trained and transition food. They are extremely gentle and love to be held and petted so they . Build your own website Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs For Sale located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Fees vary. Purebred with Champion lines, show or pet quality available. Pet rabbits for sale. About us. Holland Lop - Shiny - Medium - Adult - Female - Rabbit. We have actively been raising & showing rabbits for over 20 years. If you are interested in any of the pictured rabbits let me know. Occasionally we will have pet quality bunnies available that we can't use in our breeding program. Holland Lops, or the "Nederlandse Hangoor Dwerg", are acknowledged by American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA) in 1979 and made known to the public in 1980. Mib has been involved with breeding high quality rabbits since 2008 - formerly at M&M Heritage Farm. Her babies are stunning. Lops on the Lake is a division of BelleOaks Farm, LLC run by Tom and Mib Wood. I breed for type and temperament. Nestbox Pictures. 18 Holland Lop Bunny Rabbits for Sale Fort-Smith, AR. This bunny is the smallest of the lop breeds. Posted on September 17, 2014 by lynseyhersx. Please check out each of our pages to see our breeding stock, our babies, our For Sale page and for more information about meat pens. To differentiate from the other lop eared breeds, Holland lop bunnies have a more apple shaped head than French or Mini Lops. Charlie is a squirrel colored Lop boy bunny. Right now, I have Netherland Dwarfs, Holland Lops and Dwarf Hotots . Holland Lops for Sale in Illinois. Super sweet and welcoming. Search listings for Holland Lops and other items on KSL Classifieds. 50 credit card fee. Holland Lops - Southern Blue Belles Rabbitry. . SEATTLE HOLLAND LOPS. Should the bunny you placed a deposit on died while in our care, you will be allowed to transfer your deposit to another available bunny. September 4, 2021. Holland Lops originated in the Netherlands and were accepted as a breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) in 1980. HOLLAND LOP'S. Holland Lop - Shiny - Medium - Adult - Female - Rabbit I am a gentle, quiet rabbit who has lived with other rabbits. **Please click on the photos to see them larger** * TO SEE PREVIOUS BABIES THAT HAVE BEEN IN OUR RABBITRY PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR INSTAGRAM @dollysdarlingrabbitry* **AS IT CAN BE DIFFICULT TO DETERMINE GENDER OF BABIES AT RESERVATION TIME. See our sale policy and reserve your bunny today. (from Alma and Mylo) Holland Lops. Colorado Holland Lops For Sale ***Please contact me via email or text for information on currently available bunnies** I usually have bunnies and breeding/show stock available. fffotofarm@gmail. This guy is super smooth and wide, nice head & chunky bone. registered holland lops for sale