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Ford cd player error

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ford cd player error Can anybody . 00 Off The Price. 3. Go to a real car stereo specialty installer and tell them what’s what. There is nothing in the owners manual about this, any help would be appreciated. Jammed In-dash Ford 6 CD Changer Repair Duration: 40:50. Average failure mileage is 15,000 miles. the new batt … read more 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - CD Error!!! - First, I want to say Hello ! New to the forum, but not new to reading it. CD player Ford Defect. Generally these problems can be avoided by only inserting 5 CD's and leave the top one empty. Try a WET disc player cleaning system. The ones at the gas station stink. if your getting the eject error message on your factory in dash cd player it may just be as simple as cleaning the ribbon wire connections inside the cd palyer. ford. Typically found in Ford, around years from 2001-2005. Ford Explorer Stuck CD, turns on and off. 2008 F-150 radio and interior lights randomly come on while the the key is off, out of the ignition, parked in the garage, with the doors closed, the windows can be open or closed. Test with several discs first to make sure the problem is the CD player and not a damaged CD. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more So, on how to fix a car CD player that won’t read, start by: 1) Removing the DVD lens cleaner from the packet. I guess its time for a new deck, but ill be damned if that thing is going to eat my new justin moore cd. There are a few easy steps you have to maintain. just as i arrive to work the cd player stops playing music and starts this clicking noise then the display shows "CD ERROR. And I have also disconnected the battery, nothing. The other reason for jamming is when owners try to play CD-Rs. Thu 1 Jul 2004 20:09. I recently went to insert a disc and found that it will not let me load any discs. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more No. 20 Radio/tape Cd Player problem of the 2008 Ford F-150. go to the dealer for a exchange unit, we get these things rebuilt from a supplier that is contracted with ford. when i hit the cd button on the dash it reads CD ERROR and wont turn on or anything. Im looking for help, not a cheap answer saying "get a aftermarket cd player" thanks. Please also check out the statistics and reliability analysis of the 2005 Ford Five Hundred based on all problems reported for the 2005 Five Hundred. The changer is the Ford factory 6 disc changer-MP3- with AM/FM radio built as one unit installed in the dash. How to Fix the Ford CD Player. BTS, tru trac. Whatever the source, You will need to have these issues solved quickly. If you have this unit and would like to use your CD again by eliminating this CD ERROR, then we have the instructions for you. If it did not, take the Ford to your local Ford service department or automotive stereo repair shop to have the CD changer repaired and/or replaced, depending on the extent of the damage. Check out our discussions on the Ford Escape, Mustang, Edge, F-150, Raptor, Explorer, Focus, Fusion, Fiesta and more! Full Forum Listing 2004 - 2008 Ford F150 - 06 fx4, cd player: CD ERROR - on the way to the beach friday, my 6 disc cd player pretty much froze up. Everything else has reset OK, the windows, the automatic steering column position setting all work perfectly. #8 · Aug 22, 2011. I found I could "swipe" the card over the top of the stuck CD - that would coax it out of the slot. 2) Then loosen the cap from the liquid bottle and dispense 3 to 4 drops onto the small brush at the disc bottom. 2008 ford fusion sel 6cd mp3 player, everytime i try to load cd, shows load error. Adski, Yes you can replace the 6000 with a 6006 in a T-reg Focus, because I've just replaced the 4000 in my T-reg Focus with the 6006. I have found other . My 2006 Fusion 6-disc player will not load CD's. 6000CD • Repeat the last step to load more Always check if the CD slot is empty CDs or allow the unit to time out before inserting the CD. When I press "Load" the display message says "Initializing" as if it will accept the disc, but then goes blank and won't accept a disc. 3) wait for the unit to start wirring. REPAIR FORD LINCOLN MERCURY 6 CD Disc Changer Radio REPAIR, YL2F18CBE, 3L8T18CEB, 3L8T18CGA, YL2F18CAG, YL2F18CBC, YL2F18CBD, YL2F18CBE. Seek Depending on your vehicle’s year and model, the Seek control is labeled with either a four-way arrow or a right and left double arrow. Only the CD player won't work It comes up with "CD Error", or "Initializing", or "No CD" when in fact there are 6 cd's in the player. When I push CD it says no CD found and says initializing, then is does nothing and comes up with "CD error" and I'm back to . Ford personnel and/or dealership personnel cannot modify or remove reviews. Suddenly the last time I tried to use it ( I use it vey little) it refused to take a disc. The single CD hasn't given me any problems ejecting a CD. The first thing a disc player does after the disk is inserted is to spin up, identify the disc type (pressed CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW based on reflectivity and data), and then read the Table of Contents (TOC). A dirty CD player can lead to lower sound quality or read errors. Prior to the complete meltdown of my CD player I regularly played CD's that consisted of MP3 mixes I had made. One problem related to radio/tape cd player has been reported for the 2005 Ford Five Hundred. This tells the player the types of files and which CODEC's to use for playback. any ideas on how to fix it or to at least get the cds. AM/FM radio, CD player, or other media device). If you Buy It Now, you'll only be purchasing this item. ) Ford CD Player Problems Problems. Was all good the first week, but now i am having extreme difficulties playing my CDs!! For some reason it does not seem to be reading anything and keeps popping back out with the message 'CD . (There are just four small screws to seperate them. Media selects the media source (i. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Troubleshooting. 1. I had the battery replaced in the car and the CD player started to work. The CD that is in the player is from a local band, so I believe it is a homemade MP3 CD, not sure if that might have caused the problem. My 2002 had that problem (not my 2005) I placed another CD in the slot when it was open to get a stuck CD to eject, and it came out. when i hit eject says no cd found. There is a series of Ford vehicles that have the radio shown above in Figure 1 and have the notorious CD ERROR. it has 6 cds in it but won't play any or eject them. buy a used unit off of somebody and break open your old one to remove cd's. Well, it. ) Wrap it good with some bubble-wrap to protect. OK, I managed to remove the CD player and manually pulled out all 6 of my CDs. A CD got stuck and won't eject (it's a cd that I've been listening to for months). 2017 2018 2019 Ford F150 AM FM CD MP3 Player Radio Head Unit. When I try to load a disc, I get the "CD Error" code displayed. For me, it was only one slot (mine was slot 5, so I never put a CD back in that slot after I figured it out). Any ideas? Hi, Hope I'm in the right place for this, we own a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, and the other day I was using it to transport my dj gear to a party and on the way there I popped in a CD to listen, once I arrived I pressed eject and selected CD1 which is the one I was listening to. 2001 F350 CrewCab Long box SRW. You are watching: Ford 6 disc cd changer repair. Radio works fine,,all other controls work. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more Media selects the media source (i. 1) switch on the stereo. The Display Shows the RESET, ERROR, ERROR 99, E99, or OFFSET Message Applicable Products and Categories of This Article Power fluctuations from connected components cause these errors to appear. I bought a CD/Cassette player from a guy on this forum for that very reason -that and I still have lots of tapes. You guys have helped me numerous times and I want to say Thanks ! Second, my cd player. Just pull it out of the dash, and separate the cd player from the radio. FORD 6 CD CHANGER " CD ERROR " REPAIR - YouTube . autos. Remove the face cover on the CD player and pull the player out. I was wondering if anyone has found a fix. According to Ford, there are certain CD-Rs that have an incomplete file make-up . Figure 1 - Problematic Ford 6 Disc Radio with the CD ERROR. Re: Audiophile 6-CD Problem. Then, here it will display an error code. Then I heard about all the problems it had, such as having trouble playing the "home made CD's", skipping frequently, etc. The chassis is actually a 2008. 5) press "eject disc". explorer. Hello! Just bought a Fiesta Zetec S (06 plate) and it has a Ford 6000 CD player in it. rec. Ford 6006 CD Changer - CD ERROR E3 - timp. by WithinU » Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:50 pm. At this point, you can load another CD. When I was using the 6-disk changer, I kept a playing card handy. All the carriers deliver here (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc. The troubleshooting steps listed above should resolve your issue. I went to a local Ford Dealer to see if they could take a look at it. Add to cart to save with this special offer. It just involves unplugging 2 connectors and the aerial lead and plugging them back into the new unit. About Watch your CD changer to see if it reset. I have heard that a lot of 2006's had this problem. Even, after inserting a disc, you will find no signal. I placed the trouble CD in CD6 and it plays fine and I place a brand new CD where the trouble CD was and it plays fine. The unit won't accpet a CD. There have been complaints among Ford owners about the stock CD player consistently jamming, where the player. Speaking of which, I currently have a singel disk CD player in my truck, and was thinking about "upgrading it" to the 6 disk CD changer. Figure 2 - Ford 6 Disc CD Needing 6 Disc CD ERROR Repair Do-It-Yourself Repair instructions for the 6 Disc CD ERROR on this radio. mines doing the same thing right now, the last time it did it, i kicked the damn thing and it started ejecting the cds. 2. Related CD Player Content 2001 Ford Focus Cruise Control When I Bought This Car In May (which Runs Great) The Dealer Said The Cruise Don't Seem To Work So He Took 500. The first is when the player gets a hard shake while the vehicle is running, such as when driving over humps and poorly paved roads. Should reset the CD player, potentially clearing up the issue. Apr 12, 2010. #2. Nov 3, 2017. i searched on here and found that some said to insert a crappy cd half way . My CD player on my 2004 T-Bird doesn't work since I replaced the battery a few weeks ago. Yhey won't play or eject. When I hit CD to play the cds, it says CD ERROR, when I hit the eject button, it says INITIALIZING. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more Ford CD Player Problems | It Still Runs That may include but is not limited to vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, Toyota, VW, Ford, Honda, Dodge, Chrysler, etc. CD Player Location and Operation. By inputting the code, you have to reset the player’s computer system. #5. e. Can't select a CD (1-6),,,or do anything with a CD basically. Ford CD Player Problems | It Still Runs That may include but is not limited to vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC . After that, you have to manually unlock the CD player by unscrewing the tallest cover. The 6-CD Sony radio is the premium Ford radio. When you . 3) Insert it into the car stereo disc slot with the brush side facing downwards on the disc. Spend the money, don’t buy based on price. CD's are stuck in player. Again, there . This is a 06 xlt. ('02 GT) Won't eject any cds - just says CD ERROR across it. the cd player in my 2008 ford edge will not initialize, but the radio works fine. Ford Model: Fiesta Zetec-S (05-) Share. Any attempt to use any function of CD player results in CD ERROR displayed. I have used my Shaker 1000 watt 6 disc CD player very little. Causes. Re: 6 disc cd player inop. Hi, Hope I'm in the right place for this, we own a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac, and the other day I was using it to transport my dj gear to a party and on the way there I popped in a CD to listen, once I arrived I pressed eject and selected CD1 which is the one I was listening to. My CD player on a 2001 Ford Taurus would so "no" when you tried to do do any function on the CD player. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Very happy with the combination and the AM/FM w/CD player is the standard Ford unit. You will come into problems with the sound. 6 X Reg Fiesta Ghia with the 6006E changer. To reset a Ford Escape CD player, take the front panel off and press the reset button. Follow. . The CD-changer mechanism of the 6-CD Sony radio is very delicate. Disconnect your positive terminal cable on the car battery. If you'd like to get the additional items you've selected to qualify for this offer, close this window and . Save. Select a different vehicle to begin a new search. Ford Audio/Video System :: 2010 - Nav / CD Eject Button Not Working - Display Saying Eject Error? I was adding some CD music to my jukebox on the stock 2010 Ford NAV radio today. Fix your factory cd eject error message. So I am not sure why my player was acting up. I hit the eject button, but the disc did not come out. I wonder if the 2006 and 2007 models having the same issue and can the cd player be but into a 05 model. Reset the player back to the factory-default specifications. The stock stereo is a single CD player. Cut a piece of paper the shape of a CD like the in the second youtube video, sprayed the paper with the cleaner, and stuck it in the cd drive with a old/bad . About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . I am sure somewhere on here this has been addressed several times, but I'm still not that good at finding stuff on. CD Player won't work. Conversations. If no discs will play, remove any discs from the player and leave the player powered on with the CD tray opened (if possible) for approximately one hour to resolve the possibility of moisture condensation inside the player. This jammed after 3 years with a CD-R with a paper label and somehow it managed to eject the disk a few months later. I just started getting this message on my radio, "CD error" When i push the CD button going from AM or FM and trying to play a CD. These radio's are known to have problems with the CD-changer mechanism. ‪Ford 6006E CD Pickup Roller Cleaning‬‏ - YouTube I didn't have whatever cleaning solution they were using, so I looked around the house and found some "Footlocker Sneaker Cleaner". CD player became jammed after a jump start and showed CD error, load error, and no disc. ) Allow under 1 week for the repair, we'll contact you if need a few days longer for parts ordering. Began randomly about 2 months ago (12-1-2010 @ 60k miles). At the time of this problem, you’ll get the CD player showing no disc inside it. Sometimes the contracted electronics shop will be nice and send the cd's back. This time a rubber mallet didnt even work. If the issues are from the stereo's speakers, it might be static sounds, randomly turns off, a loose wire . 87 Posts. Just wondering if. Ford Motor Company Car Stereo System User Manual. " i try to switch to a different cd, and i try to eject the cd, nothing but that clicking noise. Then, there will be problems in removing the disc. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more today driving in to work the cd player was fine. The weird thing is that it tries to read the cd for about 1 second and then switches to the radio for about 10 seconds, than goes back and tries to read the cd. If your Windows computer is failing to run CDs, you might have a software problem rather than a dirty CD drive. May 25, 2012. Page 27: Compact Disc Player Compact disc player • The display will change to WAIT’ LOADING COMPACT and then the word LOAD CD’ will DISCS appear again. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more I have a 1. Now for the interesting part. I have a 2005 ford escape with factory installed 6 disc cd/radio player. . You will find the key code in the owner’s manual. Asked by Visitor in Port Charlotte, FL on April 02, 2011. Post. The 6006 was the old standard Ford radio with a built-in 6-CD changer. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more We have a 2010 Pleasure-Way RV built on a Ford E-350 chassis with the Triton V-10 engine. If a CD player skips, locks up when playing homemade CDs, displays "error" or "bad disk", will not accept CDs or is inoperative or inconsistent when playing CDRs, then the audio unit should be replaced by Ford under provisions of the new vehicle limited warranty. Watch your CD changer to see if it reset. 2008 Ford Mustang. The screen displays "Reading Disc" for about 15 seconds and then it goes to FM and displays "CD Error" when I try it again, it plays. Failure Date: 12/01/2010. I have pulled out the radio fuse and it was fine, put it back in. You can get the audio system removal tool . I get this from time to time on mine - just undo the 2 fixing screws holding the CD changer in, unplug the eletrical multi-plug, wait a couple of minutes, plug back in and re-fix the screws. The 2011 Ford Escape has 1 problems reported for cd player focus error and popping in speakers. the battery went dead so I replaced it thinking it was'nt keeping a charge causing the cd player problem. Details about2017 2018 2019 Ford F150 AM FM CD MP3 Player Radio Head Unit. 4) whack the dashboard quite hard on the bottom left corner of the stereo (right where a passengers (United Kingdom right hand drive) right knee would be. After removing the top of CD player to investigate, could see that a. The unit turns on, will play the radio and when I push the CD tuning it says "No Disc". After that, you have to put a corresponding key code. The first is when the player gets a hard shake while. Hello, 2003 ford expedition here. 2) press "load disc button". Print off the Send in form to enclose with the changer (all info needed is on the form, address, email, etc. 2005. I have a similar unit in my F-150 XLT, but with the single disc player . It still says "CD ERROR" and "SLOTS FULL" even though there are no CDs in it. I then made the same . makers. I was thinking about swapping the player out with another radio from another Freestyle I'm just concerned that I will have the same issue. Asked by Petamus1 Apr 28, 2009 at 09:32 AM about the 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Crew Cab. Every time I open the car door, I can hear the CD player make a grinding sound, as if it is trying to read a disc. Although generic, the exact repair steps may vary depending on year, make, model and powertrain configuration. Check out our discussions on the Ford Escape, Mustang, Edge, F-150, Raptor, Explorer, Focus, Fusion, Fiesta and more! Full Forum Listing Ford F-150 CD player: Common Problems Most Ford users complain that the “continuous jamming of stock CD players” is the most common problem. There may be a release button, or lever, or something, simular to PC cd-roms there is a release button on the front, the only down side is that those are trayed, meaning an actual tray comes out with the CD. Bronze Member. Thunderbird Year. If it still doesn't work, then it has been damaged by shock from the accident. I've also heard that Ford can "reset" the unit, for a fee of course. First of all, you have to turn the Ford f-150 CD player on. and when the exchange it request that they send back your cd's . Joined. I mean I cannot insert the disc in t … read more 2. Ford Forum is a community to discuss all things Ford. There are two main causes of CD jamming in Ford CD players. Posted December 30, 2008. At times the CDs get so hot while playing that they won’t continue and sometimes won’t eject the CD for some time. Then, eject the CDs continuing inside the slots. Or not. Does Ford make these units to last 5 years and then blob? What alternatives have i got maybe a 6000 single change or a higher spec? An adapter plate with a standard cd fitted maybe? Any ideas from anyone please as need a decent cd player So I just tried putting a cd into the in-dash 6 cd player/head unit (stocker) for the first time = FAIL. This could be from the stereo's speakers or a phone that is connected to the vehicle. I have a 2003 Explorer. ford cd player error